UV Inks

UV Inks

We supply a wide range of printing inks from silkscreen to offset UV inks.High Gloss Opaque WhiteGA ..

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UV Lamp

UV Lamp

Graphical Application keeps a wide range of  UV lamps for the following applications :Silkscree..

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GA-BON-6803-7 DVD Bonding Glue Singulus

GA-BON-6803-7 DVD Bonding Glue Singulus

GA-BON-6803-7 DVD Bonding Glue Singulus machine is also suitable for MCL, M2 and various other types..

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Sputtering Target

Sputtering Target

Sputtering is a process whereby atoms are ejected from a solid target material due to bombardment of..

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Business Description

7 Corporation Pte. Ltd.

Your Preferred Source for Ultraviolet Inks & Technologies

Form of Ownership: Limited Liabilities Company

Rated : High Growth Business

The company has been in operation for 4 years now.


7 Corporation Pte. Ltd with its principle place of business at No. 10, Admiralty Street, Northlink Building, #02-04, Singapore 757695 occupying an area of about 3000 sq ft of space, represents a number of prestigious brand name including Alpha Cure for UV Lamp, Saati for Stencil Products, Rohm & Haas for Mastering Chemicals, Pleiger for Squeegee Rubber, DIC Chemicals for DIC Offset Inks, Toray Industries for Toray Waterless Plate, UV Inks, Lacquer & Bonding Glue from UV Technologies (China), Tong Jou Chemicals (Taiwan) & HMK (Taiwan)


The Company’s core products include Mastering Consumables, Overprint Lacquer, Adhesives, Grease and Lubricants, UV Lamp and accessories, Offset Products, Protective Tape, Stencil Making Products, Squeegee, Ultraviolet Inks, Cleaning Products, Machine Parts, Filters, Copper Mask, Laser Diode, Suction Cups, Sputtering Target, Printing Pad and Blankets and Molding Parts.


7 Corporation Pte. Ltd is the appointed agent for Lamin Automatic Machine (TW) and the company also engages in the sales of new and pro-owned equipments.


These products are used in the following industries namely,

1.      Optical Disc Manufacturing Industry

2.      PCB Manufacturing Industry

3.      Membrane Switch Industry

4.      Label Printing Industry

5.      Semiconductor Industry

6.      Water Treatment Industry

7.      Defence Industry

8.      Card/Credit Card Industry

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